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The book

tells about someone that gets a violin after someone died and this person goes searching for the roots that this gift has.

Roots are much more important than we are aware of. The child that grows up may be interested in his family and the other relatives, without being aware of the secrets that are kept in this family.

Secrets are in all families but not all secrets are in all families. Some secrets do not exist in some families and other secrets do not exist in other families.

The secrets that are kept by father and mother may be not a secret out of this small family. It may be an open secret that was talked about with maybe joy, maybe fear, anger, love or other sentiment.

Some people behave very strange, if you ask other people and they might want to change their attitude, but they do not find the way to do so.

This is often the case if the family energy is involved. The family energy has to flow in the family to keep the family alive and it may be not possible for the members of a family to let their love flow on a nice way.

Love that flows can kill as the members of a family will try to protect the family and they might kill if that makes that members of the own family will stay alive.

Life and death belong together. No one can live without dying? There is a book from Baird Spalder, if I am right, that was written anno 1900 or something like that in which he writes about people that were about 200 years old.

To the medical world, that is impossible but why would a physical body only regain less strong after a damage?




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