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coma treatment or movement



A guide for family and friends of patients in coma

It will not hurt if the patient in coma is moved with love and patience and one has come into movement oneself by doing so.

The idea in the head has still not changed. The fingers get into action to get rid of the thought that it is no use to be here. Running away has been the solution for everything this writer had to solve. It did not make order in the life of others

So now he stays and tries it another way. By seeing how time is spent and following the invitation to stay, he experiences how other people go.

Movements are no longer possible for patients in the physical coma, it seems, but if you take them in your hands and tell them which movement you want to make with them, you may experience something else.

You may find an extreme strength so you can only make the movement with a lot of power or you see the joy in the eyes of the patient and feel how easy the movement is made.

And by doing the same movement 12 times, you will feel the difference of help that the patient needs during these 12 times making the movement.

As long as the patient in coma breathes, he is alive and needs help to be able to move. Putting him in bed or chair without helping him to move, will not give him the possibility to move the way he needs.

Lying in bed is not the normal position that human being moves in. It is a position that human being uses if he wants to go into the mental coma that is the state of being asleep.

No thoughts are coming into the awareness if no aware dream is dreamed. The patient in coma dreams of getting the help that he needs to be able to move again and that dream is the reason he is still alive.

The only reason that the patient in coma has got this diagnose is that he can not move visibly so tests that expect a visible movement to decide about the awareness of the patient can not be used.

Because the patient is aware but can not cry of pain, he can not move away from the cause of the pain and he can not close his eyes on command, because all these actions need movement.

But if you open up your own system for the energy that the patient has and the needs he has, you will do the right thing. You may take his hand and caress it, you may feel the need to climb into his bed to lie against him so he feels a warm human body and remembers his own one, you may feel the need to talk to him, sing a song or crawl his head, all activities that a person may need to be able to feel his physical body so he gets aware of it so he can use it.

The patient is in coma after a situation of life danger and in this situation he has opened up all the filters that human being has to be able to stand all the input that one gets all the time.

The life danger is not yet gone as the patient can not move physically so the filters are not gone back in normal state either and that makes that every touch, sound, light is painful.

It is like the child that does not want to have a photo made of it because of the light that hurts. If one does not feel the pain oneself, that does not mean that it does not hurt for others.

The sorrow one has if the own child dies, is totally different from the sorrow one has if the children of a friend die. Expecting that others will react the same way as most people do, is forgetting that every person had his own painful experiences and the more experiences that were not yet digested, the more immobility can be the result.

The patient in coma can not function normal. He can not move normal and nothing seems to be done to change this situation. A normal situation makes that the person can breath normal, digest normal and move normal.

A NORMAL BREATH is impossible if a breathing machine is connected as the breathing machine regulates a regular superficial breath and does not allow the emotional irregular deep breath that ventilates the lungs and do not give pneumonia a chance.

A NORMAL DIGESTION can only take place if a normal nutrition is used and if the digestion system can function normal. It can not function normal if there are holes in it that disturb a normal function.

It is not normal to put water or other liquids directly in the intestines and every medication disturbs the normal digestion. A normal digestion is depending on movements.

If someone does not move, the digestion can not function normal as also the digestion is a result of muscle activity. The muscle activity of the upper part of the legs is an important part of the stimulation of the normal function of the digestion.

A normal digestion starts before the mouth. The seeing, smelling or feeling of the food and drinks bring the intestines into activation so the digestion can take place.

The normalisation of the intestines will take time and must be given this time. The system must be treated stimulating by TREATING THE VALVES by

connecting each valve with the next two valves and that 4x.

By treating them in this circle they get connected to each other again and that normalises the function of the intestines if they get the chance to function normal which means that no pipes or other things are in the body to make a medical deed possible.

They disturb the energetic balance which makes that the function of all the organs changes. The breath stimulating machines that persons that can not sleep, become, disturb more than they regulate.

The breathing machine only stimulates the mental superficial regular breathing and does not mobilise the breast to function normal.

To stimulate the normal breathing function and the flexibility of the breast, the mobilisation of the nose can be done. If this mobilisation is done every hour with the patient in coma he will be able to move much better.


1. Take the bone of the nose very carefully and invite it to come to the front, wait for the breath to come and than invite it to go back and wait again for the breath to come

2. Pull the tip of the nose gently down, wait for the breath and than pull the tip of the nose up and wait for the breath

3. Push the tip of the nose backwards and wait for the breath

4 times these three actions, every hour with the patient in coma

The natural reaction on this mobilisation is a deep breath that is not forced but comes as a reaction on the invitations by moving the nose. If the nose is forced, the deep breath will not come but the opposite will happen and the person will keep his breath until he is left alone again.

The condition of the patient before the accident after which he came into the state of the physical coma, will be the start of the treatment, if the treatment is started right away.

Every day that the patient is not treated healing stimulated, will give a loss of movement energy and costs more treatment afterwards to come into movement again.

The patient will use this movement energy to try to come into movement again and only if he is helped with GUIDED MOVEMENTS by taking him in the hand and helping him to move, he will be able to come into movement.

Or a magician must pass and tell him something in the ear so he can open his eyes three weeks later and say that he has been sleeping well, not knowing that he did that for 5 years.

That happens, but is not usual so it will be better that the family and friends of the patient in coma take the patient in the hands, tell him what movement they want to make with the patient and do the movement when the feeling that the patient will be able to move, is there.

By doing the movement 12 times, the patient will be able to save the movement in his system again. By telling what movement will be made and seeing to it that the movement is a functional movement like “touch my hand that is above your knee with your knee”, the patient will find the movement more quickly than if he has to bring his knee up.

The remembrance of movements needs time to be found and by telling first, what movement will be made, the patient will be able to find the movement in this remembrance of movements.

He will need help to start the movement and he may need help to make the movement. By making the movement in the speed of the patient, a sense of joy will join the movement.

If the movement is not giving this joy and costs a lot of power to make, it is not a movement that gives the patient energy but a movement that costs energy.

The speed has been lost for the patient in coma. The movement process has been stopped by the life dangerous accident like a moving person can stop to move if he has to wait very long and stops thinking. If the moving person is only waiting until something happens, he may stop thinking and discover that nothing happens. He will experience that he has to do something to initiate that something happens.

By doing something different from before, the reaction will be different. The patient in coma has to use all his energy to keep his physical body in the best possible state so it will be able to move normally when it gets the chance and help to do so.

By moving the patient in the speed that he can move in, his own speed will increase as he will get aware of the fact that he can move. Being aware of the fact that one can move makes that one will make these movements without much effort. It is like the person that can not speak in emotional situations. If he is given the possibility to speak when he is emotional, he will have the experience that he can speak in emotional situations and that will make that in the next emotional situation he will be able to speak with less effort, until he always can speak in emotional situations.

The patient in coma knows that he can move but he can not move enough to make those movements visible. The influence of gravity must be taken away by feeling how much help the patient needs to make the movement.

The help that is needed is a power that makes that the movement is started and another power that makes that the movement can be continued. In the normal situation, human being moves all the time. This normal situation has been destroyed and needs help to be normalised again.

To make the normal situation possible, an ELECTRICAL WHEELCHAIR WITH STANDING POSSIBILITY is one of the necessary aids that the patient in coma needs. He will be able to handle this chair very quickly if he gets it right away and it is prepared to be used by his abilities, because at the beginning the movement energy that is still available in the whole system, is much bigger than after some days of immobility.

Immobility makes that the patient in coma will not be able to normalise his functions as this is a state of life danger. The direct visible life danger that was the beginning of the state of the physical coma may no longer be there, not being able to move is a life danger, because a pneumonia or decubitus are just a fact if the patient is not moved enough.

A normal program for the day with movements is needed to make the patient flexible again and leaving the patient connected to machines because one fears his death, is the same as killing him very slowly with chemicals.

Normal movements are needed to be able to get a normal postural tonus, the tension of the body that makes that the person can keep himself in a position and this postural tonus that is needed to be vertical is bettered by being vertical as being able to run is trained by running.

A personal assistant that feels what movements the patients wants him to make with him will be able to help the patient into movement again.

The money that is used anno 2013 for therapy would have another result if it would be used differently.

A treatment that does not have the wanted result must be changed to make a change possible.


Guide to treat a patient in coma


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