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De onbeweeglijkheid van patient in coma veranderen in beweging

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Change the immobility of the patient in coma into movement

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Ändere die Unbeweglichkeit des Patienten im Wachkoma in Bewegung

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Change l'immobilité du patient comateux mouvant

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Endre det ubevegelige livet av pasient i koma i bevegelse

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hpi - TERAPY


Coma treatment or movement


healing polarity integration

This site gives you the opportunity to read a lot of different histories about coma, that were written down to give you information about what happens in the world and how this influences your life and the life of others.

The several histories have all the same goal: they want to give you the opportunity to find information about how you might find your coma and change your life and by doing so, make the world and earth cleaner and let the light of love shine

If everybody takes his responibility to live his life to the benefit of the Whole everybody will gain.

Everybody will gain more than he needs and will be able and will love to exchange his energy with the people he comes in contact with.

Contact is, what people need to exchange the love they have. There are many ways of having contact and a website is one of them.

You found this one and you are invited to give your opinion about it. If there is something missing for you than let it know:

All will be awake it they get the right help to it. To patients in coma and autistic people that now means that they need hpi-therapy.

Coma treatment is the treatment that makes the coma stay. Movement that makes it possible for the patient to move, will give him the possibility to move.


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